“Linden has a track record for professionalism that has earned him national and international recognition.” The Times

            Carl Linden began studying violin with his mother (Florence Gindl) and grandfather (George Gindl) at age 5. At age 12, he temporarily stopped his music lessons in pursuit of a child actor/singer career. He spent nearly two years on the road with the national company of the show "The Sound of Music," starring Florence Henderson.  The company performed at the Chicago Schubert Theatre for a year and later toured most of the East Coast of the United States.

            At age 18, Linden studied violin under scholarship with Daniel Guilet at Indiana University, then in his junior year continued under scholarship with Mischa Mischakoff at Wayne State University. Guilet was the founder of the Beaux Arts Trio.
Mischakoff was the famed concertmaster of Toscanini's NBC Symphony Orchestra.
Stylistically, Linden plays a number of styles of violin including jazz, commercial and classical.

            During the historic Chicago visit by Pope John Paul II, Linden was the leader of the string ensemble that accompanied legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti at a special ceremony televised worldwide. As an orchestra member, Linden has performed with such stars as Tony Bennett, Lena Horne, Joel Gray, Sammy Davis Jr., Donna Summer, Tom Jones and Bob Hope. He played 11 years with Franz Benteler at the top of the Continental Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Later he became a leader thru the Benteler agency. With that group he played for presidents, and such dignitaries as Emperor Hirohito of Japan when he was in Chicago in the late '70s, and also Golda Meir and Anwar Sadat. Linden then formed the Eclectic Orchestra, which has backed up, The Lettermen, Roger Williams, Patti Page, Robert Goulet, Carol Lawrence, Julius LaRosa, Francie Laine and The Fifth Dimension.

            Other credits as a classical violinist include the Rockefeller Chapel Orchestra, Chicago Chamber Orchestra, Chicago City Symphony, and concertmaster and soloist with the Holy Name Cathedral Orchestra on WGN television. Linden contracts musical groups through his home-based office providing ensembles for events both private and public.

            Carl Linden and Artists perform at many wedding, anniversary, company and hospital parties. There unique blend of classical, commercial, jazz and contemporary music allows them to be the perfect compliment to nearly any elegant occasion requiring entertainment both artistic and of great entertainment value. The agency provides society and wedding bands, combos, jazz groups, strolling violins, chamber groups, and other entertainment. Upon request, Linden will play the same 18th century Italian violin that belonged to his great-grandfather Mathias Gindl when he performed for the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

Carl Linden Performs for Pope

Carl Linden With Elliot Gould 2009



Carl Linden performs for Michael Madigan of Illinois September of 2003.

Carl Linden with Richard Nixon

Twice Carl Linden has performed for former President Nixon. In 1993 at the 90th birthday party of W. Clement Stone, President Nixon approached Carl saying "I remember you. I love your music!" He then went on to ask if he could play "Sophisticated Lady". "I know it is seldom played on the violin," Nixon said, "but I always thought it would sound beautiful." Carl then played a rendition of the Duke Ellington classic with jazz improvisation of the second chorus.

Carl Linden Provided the Orchestra for Frankie Lane

Carl Linden Provided the Orchestra for Roger Williams

Carl Linden Provided the Orchestra for Julius LaRosa

With the great French jazz violinist Stephan Grappelli.

With Chicago violinist Franz Benteler.

Carl at age 5 playing the violin.

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