Carl Linden presents

the perfect ceremony, cocktail, and dinner music ensemble!

The Chicago String Artists


strolling violins with keyboard, winds, and bass accompaniment

Sophisticated, spirited, romantic, and fun; a live performance by the Chicago String Artists brings the perfect visual and musical atmosphere to a ceremony, cocktail hour and/or dinner at both private and corporate events.  Featuring the fresh sounds of today,  the sparkle of Broadway,  the excitement of great film music, the charming melodies of Europe, the spontaneity of jazz,  the raw excitement of country fiddlin', the pyrotechnics of a czardas,  the candlelight romance of strolling  violins,  the magic of Mozart, or the vitality of Vivaldi; this is the group that will transform an ordinary occasion into a beautiful breathtaking event of a lifetime.  



Instrumentations Available

The Violin Show
(10 or more musicians)
Strolling violins with keyboard, bass, woodwind, trumpet, and drums.
This ensemble performs an eclectic show of music from around the world. A perfect group for large, elegant events.

The Chicago String Artists
(4 musicians or more)
This group consists of two strolling violins with keyboard and woodwind. This is our most popular group which allows for the most variety of style.  This group is perfect for ceremonies cocktail hours, and dinner receptions. Hear it on our CD!

The Eclectic Orchestra

(8 or more musicians)

This dance band is perfect for large elegant events where a mixture of many styles of music is wanted for an audience of varied tastes.

String Quartet
This instrumentation is two violins, viola, and cello. It is great for elegant, classical music.

Multimedia Presentations
3 hours of violins, keyboard and woodwind followed by 3 hours of DJ music for dancing. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary ,where budget is important or when space would not allow a 10 piece orchestra for dancing.

Trio Combinations
Two violins with keyboard  - violin, keyboard and bass - violin, accordion and bass -

 two violins and keyboard - two violins with accordion - violin, guitar and bass

Duet Instrumentations
Violin and keyboard - violin and accordion - violin and guitar


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